Frequently asked questions

Yes, we always welcome new patients! Also, we greatly appreciate when our current patients refer their family and friends.

In most cases, a first appointment will include a detailed oral examination, including x-rays as required, and a discussion around treatment options to address any oral health issues that you may have.

Yes! Please inform our administration team if your claims will be submitted to more than one insurance company.

We reserve time for emergencies every day; however, we ask that you call our office as soon as possible so that we can best accommodate your needs.

Yes! This is a critical time for the health of your gums. Pregnancy gingivitis is very damaging if left untreated and can have negative repercussions that can last a lifetime. In addition, poor oral hygiene has been associated with lower birth-weight infants. Therefore, it is crucial to see the dentist and hygienist for a thorough oral examination and hygiene maintenance during pregnancy.

Yes! Wearing braces makes it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene. We recommend having cleanings more often during orthodontic treatment because of the higher risk for cavities and gum problems.

Yes! Dental decay is an infection caused by bacteria and can easily spread from baby teeth to permanent teeth. Even though baby teeth will fall out at some point, they are important for chewing as well as speech development, and are needed to guide permanent teeth to the proper position in the mouth at the appropriate time in their development.

Between their 1st and 3rd birthday. This visit is often complimentary and is a great opportunity for parents and the dentist to discuss oral care for your child, while making their first visit a fun and pleasant experience. From that visit, the dentist can assess when to begin regular semi-annual visits. It is recommended that children 3 years or older have regular checkups at a dental office.

People who maintain healthy gums keep their teeth, and live longer and healthier lives. Recent studies show growing evidence linking gum disease to diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancer and problems during pregnancy.

Yes. Our treatment coordinator will work with you to create a plan that works for you.

Two business days. We have set aside time in our team’s schedule specifically for your treatment.

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